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Rekall games is partnering up with ionomy. Ionomy is a blockchain company revolutionizing the gaming industry. Thanks to their platform PWR-GRD, they help game developers monetize their games and make gameplay even more fun and compelling. By connecting game accounts to the ionomy platform, players can earn ION tokens in different ways. One way is by ION powered tournaments, granting winners ION tokens, which have real money value.


It’s been our dream at Rekall Games for over a year to release a multiplayer update for Rumble Arena. Something we’ve been asked about so many times over the past year. Not by lack of trying, but due some major setbacks, technical wise, we were never able to get a good functioning version of multiplayer to work.

Over the past months we’ve researched and dived deep into multiplayer options, also by creating Blocky Bro (an prototype game) we’ve made a lot of progress in understanding and creating multiplayer games. After prototyping Rumble Arena Online again last month we came to the conclusion that we’re going to create the very first realtime fighting game on mobile after some amazing results with the Photon Bolt netcode.


Rumble Arena Online will integrate ION tournaments, explained above, creating a fun and exciting incentive for  players to take part in online tournaments.

Next to this, ION tokens are the main in-game currency to buy IAP items. The game will only contains skins as IAP, no character will ever become an IAP. We’ve promised this from the start and 2 years later this is still the case.


The partnership will certainly be a start of a new era in gaming in general, where there is a default in-game currency that works cross-games,  and where players will come across this new and exciting incentives for playing games by earning money.