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Rumble Arena

Rumble Arena is a free crossover brawling game featuring legends and gods from all over the galaxy. Join the epic battle between legends and gods, master your favourite hero and be the last one standing!

Play real-time online or offline battles. Duke it out in the arena with up to 4 players at the same time! Each hero has their own unique move-set and attacks, giving them all a different fighting style, find the legend or god that fits your combat skills the most and become victorious.


  • Real-time online matches
  • Ranked & Friendly mode
  • Team battles
  • Unique heroes with each their own fighting style
  • Epic arenas with different layout
  • Spectator mode; up to 16 spectators
  • Training mode vs AI

Our vision on “free to play” 

Rumble Arena will always be a free-to-play game where in-app-purchases will only result in cosmetic changes in the game.
We, a team of 4, started creating this game as a hobby a few hours a week back in 2014, our dream: “Create a free and fun fast paced brawling game. We’ve been a big fan of the brawling genre and it’s games that we still play today.

Our plan for the game

  • Ongoing; new characters, arenas and items!
  • New game modes (2 vs 2 ranked & survival)
  • Clans and clan battles
  • A console version of the game

We love feedback

We’re creating this game as said for fun, and how to make the game more fun, by listening to what you’ll have to say. For this reason, get in touch with us on discord or reddit!



Anubis is the Egyptian God of death & mummification. To speak the name of the dead is to make him live again.


Athena is the goddess of the wisdom, handicraft, and warfare. With her being very skillful and tactical, she is the perfect fighter in the arena.


Tonatiuh, the sun god, is the patron of all aztec warriors. Look out for his wooden macuahuitl clubs, they are edged with obsidian blades.


Spartacus rules the arena with his swords. As a gladiator he knows all the tricks. Do you dare to challenge him?


Imoogi is a famous Korean hornless ocean dragon with enormous power. Even though he’s a heavy character, don’t let his lightning speed suprise you!


Fenrir is the god of war. Watch out for his ability to become a giantic beast with an immense amount of power!


This Arabic magician can conjure everything. A very dangerous and unpredictable hero and foe with a special charm.


The goddess of love, shooting arrows to anyone standing in her way. With her bow you’re always in her reach, but don’t come to close either or you will fall in love!


The king of the forests who loves bananas. Very agile hero using a fighting stick. Don’t step on his bananas!


The god of thunder. When he throws his hammer, it will return, so watch out! Careful for your hat, there is a storm coming.


The goddess of sun, her beauty and lightning can blind you. Her agile fighting style and ranged attacks are difficult to match.